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Alpha girl, forever in beta. Late-blooming early adopter. Wall Street survivor. Startup advisor. Fan of underdogs and Super Sticky Post-its. As scrappy as I wanna be.
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Tesla Love Song Cover - Junior High Talent Show Trey McLaughlin playing Tesla Love Song on May 6, 2010 at Junior High School talent show. This song is fun to play! If you like this please check out my new band Bulletproof Snow, @bulletproofsnow,

Dang, my sister in law is a babe! Love you, Vera! #latergram

Knowledge is golden.

Rainy San Francisco morning

Perfect moment with my mom and Lily pup on the Snake. #gsp


Love and miss Lily pup. She’s holding down the fort in Jackson, WY. #gsp #germanshorthairpointer

Planet Flower #latergram

Loves me, loves me not. #latergram

Made me think of @lotuscarroll #photogfreeassociation

Culinary adventures.