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Alpha girl, forever in beta. Late-blooming early adopter. Wall Street survivor. Startup advisor. Fan of underdogs and Super Sticky Post-its. As scrappy as I wanna be.
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Adios stereotypes. Lovely ladies watching the World Cup at #yxyy. #latergram

7am yoga tomorrow. It’s on the IG record now.

The things we do for good Wi-Fi

Lights, camera, @caleblightwills. Talking crowdsourcing at @crowdopolis. cc @teamtongal @adrax8

@caleblightwills explains how to cross the collaborative economy chasm @crowdopolis cc @teamtongal

Yaysayers #yxyy

Yes, @shaunacausey has wings. So proud of my friend and partner in crime. #yxyy

Love this #yxyy moment captured by @shaunacausey.

So this happened. #yxyy

Drone + sunset = perfect moment #yxyy

I fought the drone, and the drone won. #yxyy

Drone love. #yxyy